A.J. Stewart is a multidisciplinary artist from Sydney, Australia. As both a visual artists and a musician, his work aims to combine the two worlds of sound and visual art with his own unique methods. A.J. started his career as an assistant film composer Mark Leggett and continued to work in Hollywood as a film composer for many years before moving back to his home country of Australia. Although still heavily involved in writing music for media, Stewart has since taken the leap into releasing his own standalone music and art.


His work often involves an element of improvisation, whether it be from the audience or Stewart himself. Although he will tell you this comes from his background as a Jazz musician, it is also inline with his artistic philosophy. Stewart believes that Sonny Rollins put it best when he said, "Improvisation is the ability to create something spiritual, something truly of one's own". This is an overarching theme throughout his work.

A.J. holds a bachelors degree from Berklee College of Music, as well as a masters degree and a PhD from the University of Sydney. He also serves as a senior lecturer at SAE Creative Institute in Sydney.