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A.J. Stewart is a multidisciplinary artist from Sydney, Australia. As both a visual artists and a musician, his work aims to combine the two worlds of sound and visual art with his own unique methods. Stewart started his career as an assistant film composer Mark Leggett and continued to work in Hollywood as a film composer for many years before moving back to his home country of Australia. Since returning, Stewart has found success mostly in composing for video games, however still very active in the film and stage industries.


Stewart's work has been described as a unique blend of classical and contemporary music. As a highly trained conductor and pianists, Stewart has composed opera, symphonic and chamber music very much within the modern classical language, sometimes referred to as "New Complexity". However, his passion for many modern styles such as hip-hop, jazz and heavy metal is what has allowed him to create his unique musical voice.

A.J. also continues to expand into the worlds of visual and noise art. Most notably, the noise works he created previously are dramatic depictions of a place or emotion through random sound recorded with a handheld recorder. He then uses digital signal processing to turn the sound into and hour-long improvised piece.

A.J. holds a bachelors degree from Berklee College of Music, as well as a masters degree from the University of Sydney. He also serves as a senior lecturer at SAE Creative Institute in Sydney. You might even catch him streaming on Twitch under his gaming alias Slambience.

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