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telephobia (2021)

Telephone Phobia (Telephobia) is the reluctance or fear of making or taking phone calls. It is considered to be a type of social phobia or social anxiety. As a long time hater of speaking on the phone, Stewart aimed to capture those moments of anxiety that one who truly suffers from Telephone Phobia must experience as that dreaded ring begins. The work is a hour long improvisational performance by Stewart himself, with an interactive installation element where audience members can experience the work through rewired rotary phones.

Telephobia (5 minute Excerpt)

megalith (2021)

Megalith is a tribute to both the city Boston, Massachusetts, and Brutalist Architecture. Inspired by the blustering reverence that often lingers in large concrete spaces, Stewart composed a noise piece using sound from large concrete structures from various buildings all over the world. In particular, Boston's City Hall (pictured). Stewart felt the work also captures the rough beauty at is the city of Boston. The work in an hour long improvised piece that incorporates soundscapes and experimental noise.

Megalith (3 minute excerpt)
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